image of Leah eating a delicious cinnamon bun

Why Buns of Joy?

I’ve spent my whole life having people ask me what it’s like to have a bakery?  and do I still love the products even though I see them every day?

The answer is YES!

But what I really love and find really magical is when people tell me the most incredible stories about a trip to the bakery that's left a long-term special memory for them. The detail, what it meant, how it made them feel, why it’s so special and how much they enjoyed those moments then and now.

I often hear about peoples Nan’s taking them to the bakery to get an iced bun every time they visit or from those who's other half always picks them up their favourite doughnut (it’s always the double knot glazed doughnut for me!). 

The stories are endless and they really are such small moments in the everyday but they harbour such fond memories and that’s what spurred me on to start Buns of Joy.

A place where a simple gesture will create a special moment between people, specifically women, and cement a lasting memory. We all work so friggin hard and the never-ending to-do list and the juggling is immense at times. Buns of Joy is something that can help in the chaos. It feels meaningful and heartfelt, a simple personalised note to let someone know they’ve been on your mind or you’re there for them or to celebrate together even if distance separates you.

Then the fact the buns taste unreal helps too! I worked on the recipe for months and wouldn’t settle for anything less than what I believed was perfect. My knowledge of baking techniques, and complete understanding of what makes a great product, plus the passion to try bake after bake has made me feel so proud of being able to provide something really unique and gorgeous. They really are soft and pillowy when they arrive, a batch made in heaven.

I’m someone who is time-poor and I am constantly late and at the last minute BUT I always want everything to look amazing. I wanted to create a product that feels special and isn’t just plonked in a box. Care and attention are spent getting it all packaged up so it looks great when it arrives. To be frank the box is so beautiful it feels like a crime to throw it out!

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